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                    SJ series Single Screw Extruder Pelletizing System

                    SJ series Single Screw Extruder Characteristics

                    High precision gear box, high carrying capacity, steady driving, low noises.

                    Newly designed barrel and screw ensure better melt uniformity; low melt temperature and much higher production.

                    For most applications, standard intruded steel is used for barrels and screws with high corrosion-resistant.

                    The unusual material can be processed by choosing two

                    Supper mute blower fan cools barrel with no maintenance.

                    The PID meter made in Japan keep the temperature steady and accurate.

                    The die head have two types: manual whirling and hydraulic pressure screen changer. Changing screen is easy and finished within a few minutes.

                    Characteristics and application of single screw stem recovery granulation series. These series can process various kinds of recovered materials, including PE, PP, PS, PA, PET, PC, etc. In many status: such as slices, film and small pieces. And based on the chemical and physical characteristics of materials as well as the output requirements of the customers, we have designed various kinds of granulation auxiliary machines (air-cooling strand pelletizing and water-ring die-face cutting, etc) for the single screw stem extrusion machine with complete specifications and technical parameters.