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                    Tel No: +86-13813072876


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                    SHJ series Twin-screw Extruders

                    Both screws and barrels were designed using the building block principle.the screw configuration ,barrel setup,screw L/D,the number and protocol of feeding and venting,screen change,way of granulating,and the requirements,in considition of the machine's versatility in other general applications.

                    Designed by CAD,the closely intermeshed screw elements have ecellent self-wiping characteristics,and can be interchanged with each other easily.Our over many years of experience in screw design and software development enable us to realize efficient solids conveying,melting /plasticating,mixing/compounding,dispersing,homogenenization,devol atilization,pressure-buildup in twin-screw extruders,in accordance to the specific requirements of each process. To meet the increasingly demanding challenges from new materials and new processes,we are providing new types of screw elements accordingly. Screw elements are slid onto a spline shaft to achieve higher torque and higher screw channel volume for even higher throughput.

                      To meet different process requirements and applications, based on the providing normal extruder Series An500r/min,T/A36and high speed  extruder Series Bn600r/min,T/A36,we recently designed and provided high torque extruder Series C (n500r/min,T/A38)and high speed extruder &high torque extruder Series D n600r/min,T/A38).

                      The newly designed torque distribution system, high-precision grinding of hardened gear teeth, imported high quality key bearing, and the interlocking of lubrication system are among the reasons for the good reliability of YONGTENG'S product.

                      Metering feeders are equipped with single screw, twin-screw (both intermeshing and  non-intermeshing ).or spring(s) to meet different flow properties of bulk particulates. Besides the standard volumetric metering feeders, the loss-in-weight feeders with accuracy as high as 0.5%  are also available.

                    Granulating system include water-through strand pelletizing ,air-cooling strand pelletizing, air cooling die face cutting, water-ring die-face cutting, eccentric hot face cutting with special cooling, and under water pelletizing. Our engineers will recommend you with the best suitable way of granulating according to your material characteristics and process requirements.

                      For most applications, the core shaft is made of 40CrNiMoA,the screw components are made of highly quality high speed tool steel, W6Mo5Cr4V2,,that receives heat treatment with vacuum hardening at high temperature, whole hardness:HRC62-64,the barrel body is made of #45steel.and the ""shaped hole is lined with wearing proof alloy a-101Fe-Cr-Ni-B+Carbide),hardness HRC60-64.For applications with particular requirements, high corrosion-resistant and high wear-resistant materials of construction with special heat treatments are also provide for our customer to choose.

                      The key components in the electric control system are all imported very reliable instruments, providing interlock control system Only after the oil lubrication system interlocks with the host machine ,i.e., the oil pump starts up, can you start up the host machine; Only after the feeding system interlocks with the host machine ,i.e., the host machine starts up, can you start up the the feeding machine. When the pressure interlocks with the host machine, i.e., reaches overpressure, both the host machine and feeding machine should stop operation; When the electric current interlocks with the host machine ,i.e., reaches overcurrent ,both the host machine and feeding machine should stop operation, Simulating control panel, PLC control, and PCC control are also provide upon request beside the standard control model .

                    Due to its low vibration and low noise level, the main extruder can be installed on most solid grounds with no need for any special base.