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                    Introduction of YTCM Series Dual Rotor Continuous Mixer

                    Multiple rotor mixing sections 3D configuration and the rotor structure, with strong distributive mixing and dispersive mixing ability, can satisfy different mixing process requirement.

                      Split barrel, easy to clean material and convenient to maintenance equipment.

                    Two-stage type layout, single screw can be used with a variety of granule cutting mode, technology of wide adaptability.

                    With full-automatic weight-loss metering feeding system, combined with advanced PPC centralize control system, and interlock control system, the mixing operation can be always at the best state. The man-made interference to the production can be reduced, to make sure the automation ang high effective and safe production.

                    The inner wall of charging barrel adopts W6Cr5Mo4V2 busing, the rotor adopts the high quality alloy steel, and the surface overlays hard alloy, which solves the problem of abrasion and ensure stability in the long run.