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                    Tel No: +86-13813072876


                    Sheet/Film Production Lines Home >> Product Catalog >> Sheet/Film Production Lines

                    SHJ Series Twin Screw Sheet Production Line

                    Product Description

                    This sheets extension equipment can be used to produce environment-friendly tableware, various packing materials by polymerizing edible cornstarch with other degradation additives.

                    Biodegradable Starch Machine

                    Host machineSHJ-36


                    Die Width: 500mm

                    Three-roller speed: 0-80m/min(Adjustable)

                    Mirror Roller: Φ250Χ500mm

                    Mirror Roller Accuracy: Ra0-0.12um

                    Product Thickness: 0.25-2mmAdjustable

                    s=MsoNormal >Masterbatches with PE,PP,PS etc.as carriers for degradation applications.