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                    Water Ring Hot Face Pelletizing Line

                    Product Description

                    water ring hot face pelletizing line-3.jpg

                    water ring hot face pelletizing line-3.jpgwater ring hot face pelletizing line-3.jpg

                    1.Water-ring granular 2.centrifugal dewatering 3.vibrating sieve 4.product container

                    PE,EVE etc. filled with CaCO3, talc,TiO2, carbon black etc .

                    Cable sheath,cable insulation compounds of LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,or MDPE.

                    Radiation-crosslinkable,heat-shrikable cable compounds.

                    PPR pipe compounds, PE compounds for crosslinked pipes; TPR,TPU thermoplastic elastomers; EVA and hot melt adhesives.

                    Color concentrates of PE,ABS,PS,EVA,etc.

                    Flame retardant masterbatches of ABS,EVA etc .

                    Masterbatches with PE,PP,PS etc.as carriers for degradation applications.